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Custom Parade Floats for your city or county

Custom Parade Floats for your city or county are here at

Connect with your community by displaying your love for its neighborhoods. We create the best parade floats for you to give back to your community here at Texas parade floats we care about that connection and create the best parade float for you! Email Us Today!

We make parade floats for your city or county community that give you a marketing edge gives your people smiles for your parade! Contact us Today!

We Design Custom Lighted Parade Floats for your city, county or town. Yes! we light up your night with our custom lighted parade floats. Let 's bright up the Neighborhood with the best lighted parade float for you! at we make lighted parade floats.

Lighted Parade Floats for your business at Texas Parade Floats!

Let's bright up the night with our custom parade floats for your city or county celebrations! We create every theme, Holiday, celebration, Anniversary, Promotion and marketing parade float. Make your city or county department stand out to the people you love for the parade. Our team will create an amazing parade float for your city to stand out from the rest.

Need a parade float for the city or county department?

  • Fire Department

  • Police Department

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Parks

  • Public Works

  • city planning department

  • water department

  • Waste Management

  • City Public Utility Department

  • Security Department

  • Marketing Department

  • sheriff department

  • Museum

We design parade floats for city and county departments in Texas!

We are here to make your parade float more beautiful and bring smiles to your public and neighborhoods Contact Us Today! or email us:



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